Achun Yummy Ball -Pumpkin-Filled Fish Ball 阿中丸子-奶油南瓜堡

Achun Yummy Ball -Pumpkin-Filled Fish Ball 阿中丸子-奶油南瓜堡

  • $9.00

Weight: 500g

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Ingredients: Fish Paste (Threadfin-Bream), Squid, Water, White Pepper, Garlic, Onion, Sugar, Salt, Palm Oil, Fish Gelatin, Mirin (sugar,water,Glutinous rice, A.oryzae, salt, Glycine, DL-Alanine,Citrate) .Food Additives: Thickening Agents (E1412,E1420, E415, E407), Seasoning Agent (E621), Flavoring Agents (Glucose, Seafood flavor), Quality Improvement Agent (E339), Coagulating Agents (E452(i), E340(i), E450(iii))

Allergy advice This product contains Fish,Soybean,Crab,not suitable for people with al lergies.

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