Lefan Magic Warmth Edition Heating Massage 魔力貼 溫情版

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▶ ️ Long-term use of the computer in the office causes shoulder and neck pain?
▶Why is the girl’s monthly event causing the front abdomen to heat up uncomfortably?
▶When you watch TV, your posture is bad, causing back pain?
▶ ️ Long-term side sleep, causing arm compression?
▶When you go shopping or climbing a mountain to a calf?
▶ ️ The weather is cold and the blood circulation is not smooth, causing the hands and feet to be cold?

Depending on the situation, these conditions can be improved as long as the massage is 15-15 minutes per day.
Through the low-frequency current, the muscles of the human body are stimulated, so that the muscles actively take off the movement, and the traditional massage technique "shiatsu, massage, tapping, kneading" is used to achieve the effect of muscle stiffness massage. You can choose different massage parts and different massage modes through the app.

#魔力贴-Wenqing version adopts intermittent heating, the temperature is more suitable for the human body, as long as the boot is 8 seconds, the heating effect can be achieved quickly. The material of the patch is made of fiber fabric, which is smooth and comfortable to use. If the end of the patch is in normal contact with the skin, or when the patch is off the host, the host will continuously slam 5 times and automatically turn off to ensure user safety.
【product description】

⭕heating massage
⭕8 seconds fast
⭕Intelligent dual control
⭕APP intelligent operation
⭕Mini Host 5.5CM
⭕ patch for microfiber fabric
⭕ Charging for 3h, 15 minutes a day, 15 days to use

Color : gray, pink

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