70 Mai Traffic recorder Pro-GPS modular 70邁行車紀錄器Pro-GPS模組

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Features |   Specifications

1. Equip Your Car with Advanced Driver Assistant System (ADAS)


ADAS, a modern highly sophiscated safety feature designed to boost driving  safety, provides lane depature and forward collision warnings, rectify driving  and assists drivers.

Besides the basic function of dash cam, 70mai dash cam pro will guarantee you a  safer drive by monitoring sync traffic environment


2. LDWS(Lane Departure Warning System)


Real-time voice alert keeps you away from distracted driving tickets, provide  you turn-by-turn route suggestion right in your line-of-sight.


3. FCWS(Forward Collision Warning System)

FCWS helps drivers to keep safe distance between vehicles, as well as to  effectively prevent and reduce rear-end crashes and accompanying injuries,  especially for long fatigue driving, traffic jam or novice.





Activate ADAS function
GPS Module for XIAOMI 70mai Dash Cam Pro
Sync date/time and Log GPS data in your 70mai Videos

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